This week, our team is featuring two photographers and their unique languages. Firstly, Regis Delacote, who created a world between dreams and poetry while Roxane Decremer, shares with us her visual journal.

 Regis Delacote

Regis Delacote is a self-taught photographer who invented his own language amidst dreams and poetry. These images create In absentia, a series that began in 2012. These black and white images question the consistency of our perception. And it’s subjects appear and disappear, while narrating our darkened realities. 

© Regis Delacote
© Regis Delacote

© Regis Delacote

Roxane Decremer

A smile, an instant of illusiveness, Roxane Decremers photos are full of joy. 22 years old and photography has become her favorite means of expressing herself. Relaxed atmospheres, parties between friends or country walks, these images create nearly 10 years worth of visual diary entries.

© Roxane Decremer

Translated by Molly Sisson