This week, we present to you the work of two of our readers. In both works, we are transported into two different worlds. It’s a walk through the streets of England with Tan Kraipuk, while Paul Cariou takes us to sea.

 Paul Cariou

In Brittany, Scotland like in Ireland, it is man and the sea that Paul Cariou likes to photograph, being the name of his series that he presents to us. He roams the shores, captures the lights from the ports and immortalises subjects and settings, all by keeping far away from the too easy folkloric clichés. These analogue photos, while they reflect the preciousness of a given moment, they exist in an atmosphere often timeless. Here, his images are as much soothing as they are charming.

Tan Kraipuk

It’s a walk through the scenic settings such as those of Edward Hopper, that the young Thai photographer Tan Kraipuk has to offer. With her series Stage of Light, England is turned into a desert, where the shadows and light are the projections of our worries and loneliness.

© Tan Kraipuk

Cover photo © Tan Kraipuk