Charles-Aymeric Esteve and Young Ha Kim, our readers picks #349, are both interested in the enigmatic side of the photographic medium. In colour or in black and white, they explore and capture various perceptions of reality.

Charles-Aymeric Esteve

At barely 18 years old, photographer Charles-Aymeric Esteve already produces singular creations. Complex stagings blossom like pop and colourful pieces, where 1980s’ aesthetics infuse the faces of his models. “I always try to go beyond the figurative in my work,” says the artist. Although he prepares his shoots meticulously, he always leaves room for spontaneity. Greatly influenced by the world of fashion, the artist emphasises bright colours, assertive graphic elements and a methodical use of soft focus. “I am fascinated by the enigmatic aspect that a photo can give off. That’s why I make images that can be interpreted differently by everyone,” he continues. In his work, in the shadow of a polychrome aesthetic, mystery flirts with seduction, and elegance derives from the elusive – to the delight of the viewer.

© Charles-Aymeric Esteve

Young Ha Kim

Young Ha Kim is an artist and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. “When I was an animation student, photography was always there to be used as a reference for drawing and then I started to do more of it when I got bored of working in front of a computer for a long time.” he says. Urban scenes, black and white shots, pronounced grain… The artist has since developed a very particular aesthetic, allowing him to play with our vision of the world. “I like the idea that photography is a perception of reality. And based on this idea, I try to make my images to slightly move away from reality but still in line with familiarity”, he explains. Inspired by Ralph Gibson, Duane Michals and Daido Moriyama, Young Ha Kim explores new spaces, looking for the many contrasts that make up a city. “The main core of my work usually revolves around human behaviour. I am currently exploring the theme of ‘death’ and how we react to it.  says the artist. And in the anonymity of the great metropolises, the moments he captures and the solitary silhouettes he notices set up promising stories.

© Young Ha Kim

Cover picture: © Charles-Aymeric Esteve