For Sébastien Aurric and Yoann Buetas, photography is a passion. Our readers picks #325 tirelessly capture their wanderings and their daily lives.

Sébastien Aurric

“Photography is like travelling with a partner, having as much say as your own eye, guiding you”, explains Sébastien Aurric. Having fallen in love with photography at the age of 20, the photographer was discouraged by his first experiences: “weddings, small event reports and too much food”, he recalls. However, as he travelled, he missed the familiar presence of his camera and he returned to the medium after a few years. “Taking photos is a necessity that doesn’t need any reason to exist”, he says. The images presented here were taken in north-eastern Turkey. “Every time you wander there, an impromptu passenger draws you in, a documentary comes to mind. This time it was a small café at the Ardahan bus stop. A place where the main characters were a Kurd and a Turk, far from the local turmoil. While I only planned to stay for one night, I ended up spending three weeks there”, Sebastien Aurric recalls. Shot in analog, his images bear witness to his attraction for the territory, a search for a fleeting poetry that the artist strives to track down.

© Sébastien Aurric

Yoann Buetas

Since 2016, Yoann Buetas, a 39-year-old photographer in the South of France, has been “living and breathing photography”. “My camera never leaves me, whether it’s my digital camera or my father’s old film one. They are part of me. My children and my family don’t even notice them anymore. Thus, I can capture natural moments of everyday life”, he explains. As a keen observer, the photographer shoots everything that moves him, whether it’s a beautiful light or an emotional moment. “My favourite subjects are still my family, my environment. I have a fully equipped truck that allows me to go away regularly on weekends to find different places to capture. Although I find inspiration on the Internet, or in photo magazines, I now try to detach myself from these images to develop my own style”, he adds. Playing with contrast and shadows, Yoann Buetas gives the ordinary a theatrical dimension. In familiar spaces – turned into sets – his loved ones become the protagonists of familiar stories.

© Yoann Buetas

Cover picture: © Yoann Buetas