Iris Millot, Peter Sharp and Tanguy Moraux, our readers picks, capture their daily lives. The first duo challenged their imagination during quarantine, and the other sublimate his country of adoption: Niger.

Iris Millot et Peter Sharp

“The photos were taken during the spring lockdown in the Parisian suburbs. We wanted to do a spontaneous series, using what was at our disposal: a camera, a sewing machine, various materials from an old attic and the people who were confined with us as models”, say Iris Millot and Peter Sharp – respectively 19 and 20. Mixing together textile and photography, the young couple produced a unique series, inspired by fashion. “Our intention was to create something simple. Iris chose an elliptic staging, instinctive framing, a cold aesthetics with sanitised shapes, in opposition with some codes of fashion photography. Peter tried to concentrate on the use of old pieces of fabric such as curtains, sheets…”, they explain. At the heart of their project lies a desire to transform fashion. “This is the second most polluting industry worldwide – isn’t it much more interesting to have to “seek” and “dig” to find your fabric?”, they add. Fresh and quirky, the series brilliantly twists the constraints of confinement and an often too rigid field.

© Iris Millot / Peter Sharp

Tanguy Moraux

When he was 16, and living in Côte d’Ivoire, Tanguy Moraux turned to photography. “Immersing myself in the artistic process, and doing photoshoots for a brand I created from start to finish was amazing. My first true steps were taken in the streets of Niamey, in Niger, the city where I grew up”, he tells us. Fascinated by “strong messages and stories within images”, the photographer affectionately captures his country of adoption. “It is my main source of inspiration indeed! Most of my work is oriented towards the discovery of the African continent”, he adds. Bathed in warm colours, his pictures evoke the culture of this territory that inspires him so, and reveal the landscape’s beauty. Bodies and views, lit by a burning sun, invite us to get away from our daily routine.

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© Tanguy Moraux

Cover picture: © Tanguy Moraux