Josa Guiro and Charlotte Audoynaud, our readers picks #302 are both inspired by poetry. For the former, it is synonymous with experimentation, and for the latter, intimacy.

José Guirao

Drawer, painter, director, poet… José Guirao is also a self-taught photographer who has exhibited his creations all around France. His ambition? “To showcase poetry through all these mediums”, and especially through experimentation. “Surreal photo has and continue to inspire me”, the artist adds. Another specificity of his work: portrait and self-portrait. “It is an ongoing research that I particularly like, to reveal the depth of a soul, the beauty of a face”. José Guirao delivers here an intriguing reflection on identity – both personal and collective.

© José Guirao

Charlotte Audoynaud

“My photographic practice is settled somewhere between personal narrative and fiction. I capture moments of life, familiar and mundane places. I seek, through framing, the perfect light, or ephemeral scenes, to produce dreamlike series where boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred”, says Charlotte Audoynaud, a photographer and video maker. Influenced by her fine arts studies, the artist creates intimates and sensitive series, reminiscent of a diary’s entries. L’être instable (The unstable being, ed.), a project born during confinement, was inspired by “the extreme – almost oppressive – promiscuity between people”. Desperately trying to reconnect with a distant nature, the photographer captures her children near elements found during their urban excursions. A collection of playful and delicate images.

© Charlotte Audoynaud

Cover picture: © Charlotte Audoynaud