Mauricio Peña and Leïla Macaire, our readers picks, illustrate their trips. The former, from Mexico City, captures urban spaces from Texas, and the latter follows in her father’s footsteps in Morocco.

Mauricio Peña

Born in Mexico City, Mauricio Peña, 20, now lives in Texas. There, he produces minimalist visuals, inspired by the symmetry of the urban world. “I got into photography through my cousin, who currently studies cinematography. I always saw him with his camera and that was how my interest grew, seeing him and asking questions about how to make the camera work, he was basically a tutor for me”, he tells us. Inspired by colour photographers – William Eggleston and Joel Meyerowitz – and by architecture, the artist collects harmonious and pastel-toned pictures. Erasing mankind from its environment, he turns cities into peaceful oasis. “I tend to shoot scenarios without characters. I would rather focus on structure and objects. Lately, I have also loved interior design and still life photography”, Mauricio Peña says. His structured images highlight the discrete charm of simplicity.

© Mauricio Peña

Leïla Macaire

“I feel like it is my subconscious who takes pictures”, says Leïla Macaire. After training to be a director, the artist turned to the photographic medium. She has been producing, since, intimate series questioning her take on identity and diversity. The series Envolée was born in Morocco, where the photographer travelled to learn more about her origins. “I wanted to connect with my father’s home country. It is only a few months later, after looking at my pictures again, that I noticed my own gaze. My gaze which, subconsciously captures mysterious, anonymous, isolated shadows. Male bodies – both young and old. Lying bodies, fleeing bodies. Flying and unreachable souls like him, Dad, like the sand of the Sahara Desert running through my fingers”, she tells us. A personal story – somewhere between an existential quest and magical realism.

© Leïla Macaire

Cover picture: © Mauricio Peña