Between poetic travel memories and project against racism, our readers picks #296, Gloria Constant Massa and Alexandre Desane, like to take the time to contemplate then capture their surroundings.

Gloria Constant Massa

“I was born with an adventurer’s soul. Travelling is for me a spiritual activity, it leads to introspection”, says Gloria Constant Massa. After graduating high school, the young woman went on a three-year journey in Australia and Asia. There, immersed in luxuriant landscapes and foreign cultures, she fell in love with photography. “I have realised that I could express myself and create emotions through my images. My work is a mix of landscapes, faces, self-portraits… It is both dark and colourful, melancholic and joyful – sometimes abstract”, she tells us. Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Klimt, Harry Gruyaert, Saul Leiter, Jean-Paul Goude or Man Ray, the artist captures nature with intimacy and “roams bodies as if they were landscapes”. As a loner, she likes to take the time to observe her surroundings to reveal its poetry, and puts on a performance to share her own sensations with her viewers. “I try to capture – beyond the image – the emotion behind it”, she concludes.

© Gloria

Alexandre Desane 

“Tired of hearing stories about black people getting fired because of their “nonregulatory hairdo”, I decided to celebrate frizzy hair. I chose to take pictures of women, men, children outside, without using any artificial light”, explains Alexandre Desane, a photographer from Haiti born in the Parisian suburbs. Being a victim of racism himself, this self-taught artist decided to do everything in his power to destroy stereotypes based on skin colour. Comedian, director, web developer, photographer, Alexandre Desane works on many projects to tackle racism – like the creation of a mini video game starring a black hero. His black and white series Crépus (Frizzy, ed.) is “fictional and timeless”. “I don’t find it easy to capture something, I need an alignment between a subject that moves me, light and frame”, he says. His inspirations? Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leonard Freed, Sabine Weiss, Dawoud Bey et Martine Barrat. A contemplative and committed series shot on film.

© Alexandre Desane

Cover picture: © Gloria Constant Massa