Camille Reposeur documents a charismatic daily life and Charlène Vanden Heede remembers sweet memories. The nostalgia of time passed links these readers picks’ images.

Camille Reposeur

“I capture moments people no longer notice. Light especially fascinates me – it is universal, but also unique and everchanging. Old people, and their faces expressing both life and the nostalgia of time passed touch me deeply… I collect scenes of life to never forget”, Camille Reposeur says. Currently studying in Lille, France, the 22-year-old photographer is fond of music and image. Attracted by the simple beauty of everyday life, she shoots her environment with a touching spontaneity. Whether she documents a shadow on a face, or the dancing crowd at a concert, she always freezes time, to try and brand memory. “My inspirations? Vivian Maier, who was my first idol, awakened and deepened my desire to keep photographing. Director Jonas Mekas and his daily poetry, and many others: Raymond Depardon, Robert Frank, Robin Dupuy, Lisa Escaut…” she tells us. An elegant mosaic of pleaseant memories.

© Camille Reposeur

Charlène Vanden Heede

Based in Bruxelles for the last 10 years, Charlène Vanden Heede grew up in the Walloon countryside. There, her commitment to ecology and passion for photography was born. “When I was 11, my father offered me a small Olympus. It soon became my best friend during my bucolic walks. It enabled me to invent an imaginary world based on reality”, the photographer remembers. In the series On se retrouve à la rivière? (Shall we meet by the river? Ed.), Charlène Vanden Heede captures her childhood memories near the stream. “I want to photograph these moments of abandon, facing nature. An intimacy taking the form of introspection”, she tells us. The artist finds her inspiration in cinema – especially in Amelie, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and in the films of Wes Anderson. A cinematic project blending poetry and nostalgia.

© Charlène Vanden Heede

Cover picture: © Charlène Vanden Heede