Antoine Dumont and Hillel Winograd, our readers picks of the week, both explore iconic territories: the American West and Paris!

Antoine Dumont

“I am always looking for a cinematic atmosphere. In the streets, at night, by day or on the train, I spot things, pay attention to the light, even if it means I have to come back later… But behind this aesthetic work is always my view on society – taking form and expressing itself”, Antoine Dumont says. Born in 1970, the photographer worked for ten years in studios before quitting to try something new. An experience that taught him to recognise beauty, and underline it. “Although I first thought this was a weakness, I now realise that this aesthetic is one of the strengths of my body of work”, he tells us. In his free time, Antoine Dumont travels, and produces more personal series – all inspired by roads, and encounters. During a 4000-miles road trip in the American West, he developed One Way or Another. “I’ve discovered the ruins of an iconic territory, one that cinema, television and press have been presenting to us as a model since the 1950s”, he says. In these timeless and ghostly landscapes, the photographer captures nostalgia, and the past glory of a country still immersed into this obsolete iconography.

© Antoine Dumont / Divergence

Hillel Winograd

“I often find myself at a loss for words, my photos are the reflections of who I am inside. They come from there, this inside space that cannot be seen by any other. My eye is a tool to express myself, and it replaces a more difficult communication”, Hillel Winograd tells us. Based in Paris, the artist has been capturing his environment in black and white since 2008. In Parisian Life, the singularity and identity of each of his subjects is revealed in its picture. Hillel Winograd defines himself as a “gatherer of precious moments”. By roaming the French capital’s streets, he seizes spontaneous snapshots. His work’s anchor point? To seek, and sublimate the ideal. “This series was born out of a need to get closer to Parisians in their diversity, and capture the invisibles, who touch me so, in the hope that my pictures will tell you more about me”, he adds. Hillel Winograd shares a portrait of Paris inexhaustible and full of surprises.

© Hillel Winograd

Cover picture: © Hillel Winograd