Nicolas Hrycaj and Pascal Laco, our readers picks #292, captured with tenderness and inventiveness two foreign territories: Bombay and Marseille.

Nicolas Hrycaj

Nicolas Hrycaj, photographer and director of photography discovered the medium in his youth, thanks to his mother. “She lent me her old film camera, and I loved the process, what came out of it”, he remembers. Fascinated by light and its variations, the artist trusts his intuition to create strong images, and experiment while letting himself be carried by rays of light. The contemplative series On Shadows and Trees was born in Bombay. “The city is filled with trees. I realised I really enjoyed capturing the shadows of leaves on different surfaces – especially on skin. It allowed me to connect men and the nature they depend on”, the artist tells us. Abstract and elegant, the project underlines, in his pictorial compositions, the importance of forms, colours and the osmosis between mankind and flora.

© Nicolas Hrycaj

Pascal Laco

“I fell in love with photography through photojournalism – it was in the 1990s, during the wars in Yugoslavia. The strength of pictures taken there deeply marked me. I then found inspiration in the hip-hop culture, the visual universe of cinema, fashion and art”, Pascal Laco says. Now a professional, the artist divides his time between commissions and personal works. Marseille Vie is part of the latter. “This is an ode to the French city, he tells us. I spent three days capturing it last February, with my Ricoh GR, and the result felt like a contact sheet, with many images and hours spent in musical immersion, facing my screen and looking for a coherent visual environment.” Between soft focus, intimate moments and surreal scenes, Pascal Laco signs a charming portrait of the metropolis.

© Pascal Laco

Cover picture: © Pascal Laco