Esther Joly and Camille Loiseau, our readers picks #290 have one thing in common: their love of poetry and minimalism. A collection of fresh and sparkling images.

Esther Joly

Esther Joly, 26, a graduate from the ETPA Photography school based in Toulouse, France, produces intimate and creative series staging her own body. Born in a family of five girls, the photographer grew up questioning the importance of appearances and women’s place in the world. “Self-portraits have rapidly become an essential tool in my work. I play with the notion of space and structure it with my own body”, she explains. As a dance lover, the artist produced, during the quarantine, a minimalist project, revealing her curves with grace and humour. “Only body parts appear, as if, deprived of freedom, we were no longer whole”, she adds. In parallel, Esther Joly documents the psychological consequences of confinement. She questions, through absurd sceneries, the impact of abandonment, and the growth of depression in a society where everyone remains locked up.

© Esther Joly

Camille Loiseau

“I am an image bulimic, I can’t stop looking at them. For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by its many forms: photography, illustration, album covers, cinema, artworks…”, Camille Loiseau, 28, tells us. Four years ago, she was gifted an analogue camera – an Olympus OM10 – and fell in love with photography all over again. “Far for being a brilliant technician, I do have an eye for details, and simplicity. My pictures are inspired by walks, nature, movement, and even the city sometimes. I like to think they are peaceful”, she says. From intimacy to oneirism, the artist produces poetic images, coming together and completing each other beautifully. “I like irregularities, accidents and harmony, rawness and vapour – I am full of contradictions”, she concludes.

© Camille Loiseau

Cover picture: © Camille Loiseau