Sensitive to fantasy, Emili Genêt and Claudia Fuggetti, our readers picks #286 create mysterious worlds – refuges to flee an oppressive reality.

Emili Genêt

At only 17, Emili Genêt – currently studying applied arts – shows true maturity. “I make images on a daily basis, photography has now been an integral part of my work for 7 years”, she tells us. Using both colour and black and white, the young artist builds a dark, poetic and highly contrasted world. “Although some photographs appeal to us, others do not touch us. I believe imagery is an aesthetic proposition forging its own truth, playing with what is true and what is false”, she explains. Like sceneries pulled from her imagination, her productions waver between abstract and concrete, dreams and reality. “Travels, fish, confined self-portraits, nature or even architecture – all subjects have something to tell”, the photographer says. An immersion into an ever-expanding world.

© Emili Genêt

Claudia Fuggetti

Born in 1993 in Taranto, South of Italy, Claudia Fuggetti has always loved photography. “When I was 14 years old and started uploading my pictures on the Internet, I received plenty of messages from all over the world, which made me realise that this, indeed, was my artistic language”, she remembers. After graduating in Photography and visual design from NABA in Milan, the artist continued producing a body of work “detached from reality”. “I am a big fan of science fiction films and cinema in general, and I love atmospheres suspended in time”, she tells us. Alice in Quarantine, a dreamy series bathed in blue tones came to her spontaneously. “It’s the materialisation of the life story of every creative: taking refuge in an imaginary world to survive. A tale dedicated to those who grew up alone in their rooms dreaming of imaginary worlds”, she explains. Rising at night, Claudia Fugetti’s universe transforms our daily space. A neighbour’s window, the full moon or even a house gate become portals to Wonderland. A phantasmagorical ballad.

© Claudia Fuggetti

Cover picture: © Emili Genêt