Literature connects the works of Margarida Pereira and Chloé Lamidey, our readers picks #282. For the first photographer, it is an endless source of inspiration. As for the second artist, she has dedicated her whole series to a book by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Chloé Lamidey

“Photography is a way to reflect on and understand the world in which I live”, Chloé Lamidey says. This 36-year-old artist based in Paris learnt about analogue and digital photography as she was studying art. She hasn’t stopped practicing ever since. In her series LLSDS – referring the book La longue route du sable (The long road of sand, ed.) by Pier Paolo Pasolini – she illustrates the process of democratising holidays on Italian coasts. “I integrated three axes of reflection in this project: contemporary tourism, pollution and migration. Three themes that are often connected to one another”, she explains. Fascinated by the author’s prediction of absolute conformism, Chloé Lamidey shows how visionary of a writer Pier Paolo Pasolini is. This series reads – first and foremost – as a tribute to Italy, one of the countries which were most hit by the Coronavirus. “Italians are living one of the darkest moments of their history. I keep in mind their warm welcome, their kindness and their uniqueness”, she tells us.

© Chloé Lamidey

Margarida Pereira

Margarida Pereira, 29, lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. “It all started a few years ago. After graduating, I moved abroad. I walked around a lot, to discover new places, and – naturally – I started photographing them. Nowadays I can’t seem to live without it”, the photographer tells us. Literature, cinema, poetry, or moments of everyday life, her inspirations are numerous. The aim being to produce an image presenting “levels of complexity, while remaining readable”. A subtle and minimalist process.

© Margarida Pereira