Victor Quintard and Sacha Féraud both love street photography. While the former captures the poetry of daily life, the latter highlight the minimalism and aestheticism of urban spaces. Here are our readers picks #275.

Victor Quintard

“I am very interested in photographs taken by other artists. I like to try and understand how an image was shot, to get inspired. This way, I can get a better grasp at what I love most”, Victor Quintard explains. This 25-year-old photographer, who studied cinema and audio-visual media, turned to the medium when he was still a teenager, to capture his friends. “When I moved to Paris, 4 years ago, I bought my first film camera and started photographing the capital’s streets”, he tells us. To the young man, street photography is a way to “seize people’s body language, play with the colours, contrasts and numerous lights in a day”. As a wide-angle lens enthusiast, he enjoys shooting his subjects in their environment. Discreet, Victor Quintard focuses on highlighting the poetry of daily life. In an ever-moving world, he catches – during his endless walks – a few graceful moments: a lonely silhouette, a theatrical chiaroscuro, or even a quirky scene.

© Victor Quintard

Sacha Féraud

Based in Metz, France, Sacha Féraud, 21, studies Industries administration at the Institut français des Affaires (IFA – French Institute of Affairs, ed.). “But I’ve been a sucker for audiovisual media since I was 13. Since then, I have directed many videos and taught myself how to use the Adobe suite. Two years ago, I bought a reflex and quickly fell in love with photography”, he tells us. As a true enthusiast, he tries every styles and aesthetics to find the ones he likes. “I do not have any specific approach – I capture what I find beautiful. I absolutely love street photography, natural light, portraiture and – lately – I’v developed a taste for artistic nudes”, he says. Considering the medium to be an art, Sacha Féraud never goes out without his camera, and always keeps on creating. Inspired by minimalism and fashion, he presents, on Instagram, a most promising collection.

© Sacha Féraud

Cover picture: © Victor Quintard