Our readers picks #274, Gabriele Puglisi and Cecilie Fang both capture foreign territories. The former photographed Paris, and the latter, China.

Gabriele Puglisi

Gabriele Puglisi, alias Poetwho on Instagram, discovered photography while he was still in highschool. “I have always been fascinated by it, and at that time, I met a photographer who was giving a basic course. I was struck by his way of teaching and asked if I could help him in his photo studio to learn more”, he remembers. Now independent, he plays with aesthetics, capturing scenes of everyday life, fleeting emotions, focusing on monochrome – timeless and poetic – rather than colour. The series Paris vaut bien une photo (Paris is worth a picture, ed.) was born during a trip in the French capital. “My gaze wanted to tell the story of this thousand-faced city, from the sacredness of Notre-Dame – still intact – to the vices of streets, from the boulevards to the bistros”, he explains. Refusing to photograph the touristic sites, the artist delivered a love story to the metropole, turning his lens towards its inhabitants, its charm, and its numerous identities. “He who doesn’t falling in love in Paris, or with Paris, has a cold heart”, he concludes.

© Gabriele Puglisi

Cecilie Fang

“I prefer seeing myself as a girl with a camera rather than a photographer”, Cecilie Fang says. The young artist turned to the medium to document her life and trips to Beijing, where she spends many months. “I’m a half Danish and half Chinese girl. Though I spent the majority of my childhood in Denmark, the first two years of my life and a lot of holidays and school breaks were spent in China. I bought my first digital camera because I wanted to capture moments and the environment during my stay there”, she explains. Influenced by the fashion world, Cecilie Fang views photography as a playful tool, enabling her to express her creativity. “I like to experiment, to play with imagery, especially when I shot in film”, she adds. Her light and luminous compositions immerse the viewer into an intimate universe, as poetic as it is amusing.

© Cecilie Fang

Cover picture: © Cecilie Fang