Abel Llavall-Ubach and Tika Javanashvili, our readers picks #273 both track spontaneity in their own ways. The former frames it through his portraits, and the latter captures it with her Smartphone.

Abel Llavall-Ubach

After training to be a video maker, Abel Llavall-Ubach turned to photography to “escape from the sometimes too technical work of a cameraman or a film editor and to become more independent”. Specialising in portraiture, he evolved quickly, working with model agencies. To him, capturing someone is a discipline “at the borders of documentary and fashion photography”. “I use portraits to illustrate the way I feel about the world around me. I see many faces every day, in the street or on the Internet, and sometimes, unexpectedly, I stop to look at one of them. I am not trying to understand why – I like this spontaneity”, he explains. He then creates a stage, a setting according to what his model conveys, revealing a certain harmony, highlighted by a soft and natural light. A collection of intimate and delicate pictures.

© Abel Llavall-Ubach

 Tika Jabanashvili

Tbilisi based dancer, actress and photographer Tika Jabanashvili has always been fascinated by the arts. “When photography suddenly invaded my life, I realised that my perception of the world had completely changed. Though I never used to pay attention to my surroundings, I am now trying not to miss a thing”, she tells us. By shooting only with her Smartphone, she tries to freeze the moment, to capture spontaneity. “I like to blend together symmetry, colour, shadows and lights to create a little story”, she adds. A harmony she tracks with dedication. “A scene may present itself to you so quickly that you do not have long to prepare for it”, she says. Inspired by the shadings the sun paints on the world and women’s grace, she produces images on the brink of imagination, playing with emotions and sensations.

© Tika Jabanashvili

Cover picture: © Tika Jabanashvili