Feelings inspire both Cyrille Tessier and Pierre Pokrovski, our readers picks #262. The former captures the evocative power of photography, and the latter documents an emotive youth.

Cyrielle Tessier

Cyrille Tessier, 28, “looks at her environment with a contemplative and amused gaze”. This photographer based in Lyon, France, grew up with cameras by her side. “I remember, as a child, bringing my film point-and-shoot camera with me when I went on holiday or school trips”, she remembers. After attending the School of Beaux-Arts, the young women learnt to define her photographic approach. “Something that is both extremely intimate and omnipresent in my life. I try to showcase the beauty of the ordinary, to give more visibility to my environment, for those who don’t see the world as I do”, she explains. Shooting both in colours and black and white, she finds, in monochromes, a more evocative dimension. “I like working with grain, with nuances… And sometimes, it is simply about chance: I accidentally shoot in black and white when I thought I’d put a colour film in my camera. This tone enables you to see other details you’d overlook otherwise”, Cyrielle Tessier says. A collection of poetic and sweet pictures.

© Cyrielle Tessier

Pierre Pokrovski

At only 17, Pierre Pokrovski is already producing a mature photographic work. Though he likes to experiment with film, digital, colours, black and white or even landscapes, his series Enfants de la fougue (Children of ardour, ed.), composed of portraits, offers an immersion into his own environment. “The project documents youth. My youth. In its urgency to live, its need to exist, its instinctive and emotional fervour, its many faces and its discoveries”, he adds. Divided into chapters, this work illustrates the strong and complex feelings that give tempo to adolescence. “Fury”, “Crisis”, “Frenzy”, “Freedom” … The young artist documents the states of mind of a whole generation. “I wanted to capture the different personalities and emotions of youth. To show its versatility. This form was vital to showcase the exalted and plural spirit submerging these themes… One picture to define love, for example, would have not been enough. It would be like cutting the loving child’s wings”, the photographer adds. A vibrant illustration of an adolescence evolving.

© Pierre Pokrovski

Cover picture: © Pierre Pokrovski