Rudy Garcia and Gianluca Morini have at least two things in common: Brazil and photography. Discover their respective journeys by reading our readers picks #258.

Rudy Garcia

Rudy Garcia, a 33-year-old self-taught photographer based in Lyon, France, fell in love with the medium at 13, when he was living on a Brazilian island, near Rio. “Though I started with a film camera and then moved on to a digital one, I eventually found my favourite tool: the analogue telemetric, 3 years ago”, he tells us. Fascinated by the power of images since his childhood, this artist – who is also a train conductor – never goes out without his camera. “My playground is mainly my city, but I keep the same process whenever I travel”, he adds. His dark pictures, influenced by brutalist architecture and the energy of street photography, immerse the viewer into a grainy and mysterious universe. An urban roaming, as gloomy as poetic.

© Rudy Garcia

Gianluca Morini

Gianluca Morini, 23, lives and studies medicine in the North-East of Italy. Through his project A long journey nothing new, he’s explored the notion of belonging and identity. “25 years ago, my parents decided to leave Brazil to come to Italy, where my grand-father comes from. My mother got pregnant there, and my dead got sick. I was born in a country that viewed me as a lifelong tourist. My culture comes from a place I do not know, and I was missing a key to gain a deeper understanding of my childhood’s country. In 2017, I decided to explore the place where I was born, where I grew up, to reevaluate it.” Quickly, his personal quest turned into a broader study of Italy.

© Gianluca Morini

Cover picture © Rudy Garcia