Roxane Diamand and Douce d’Ivry, our readers picks #257, both tell stories. Though one uses images to write poetic narratives, the other captures the energy of her surroundings.

Roxane Diamand

Roxane Diamand, 24, is a self-taught artist. “I started photography when I was 12, as I started borrowing my father’s camera to take self-portraits”, she explains. After graduating with a degree in commerce and expertise in art and furniture, the young woman eventually decided to dedicated her life to her passion. As a poet, Roxane Diamand has always tried to turn her verses into pictures. Extremely sensitive, she gives herself to her creations, unveiling a tender and personal universe. “I consider the medium to be my release. I try to tell stories in which my models would become characters from a film”, she tells us. By playing with mystery and abstraction, the photographer builds an imaginary world, inviting us to question our surroundings.

© Roxane Diamand

Douce d’Ivry

As a frequent traveler, Douce d’Ivry has spent the last 8 years between London, Singapore and Hong Kong. “I’ve worked for several years in music video production and advertising. When I discovered the Hong Kong jungle, its density and unique architecture, I thought that this city would be the perfect place to develop my own visual universe”, she tells us. Inspired by fashion and street photography, the artist captures her daily life with spontaneity. “I let the colours guide me: my images may be articulated around a blue wall, or a red sign”, she explains. Both outside and in photoshoots, Douce always tries to establish a strong relationship with her surroundings or with the person she is shooting, “to be able to tell beautiful stories”. A collection of poetic and surprising moments.

© Douce d’Ivry

Cover picture © Roxane Diamand