This week, Arnaud Brihay and Birnybe, two French photographers, share with us their more or less intimate stories. Here are our readers picks #256.

Arnaud Brihay

Originally from Belgium, Arnaud Brihay has been living in Lyon for the last twenty years, even though he studied photography in Brussels. He is now a member of the Trouble Collectif, an experimental and protean group. “My photographic or video creations are inspired by my nomadic lifestyle and my past as an only child. From them, I drew recurrent themes, such as a passion for borders, or for little intimate stories. I live in a world where the notion of elsewhere, territories and human tracks getting closer and close can be seen subtly, but never obviously”. He presented to us his Tumblr, From on my road, like a shared archive gathering passing moments, captured as he wandered around, or when he came back home. “Those pictures taken, stolen or created, are like tracks which – put together – reveal and define myself. I won’t sat anything more, not to spoil anything, and invite you to wander freely. Get lost, it is even better, and Tumblr will enable you to come back.”

© Arnaud Brihay


Birnybe is 21 years-old. “I don’t consider myself a photographer, but rather someone who likes to take pictures.” When he was younger, he started shooting with the family digital camera. “When I was 12, my parents gifted me by own camera, a Nikon D3100 I have used for a very long time, especially to produce profil pictures for my friends’ Facebook pages.” After taking a small break, Birnybe started creating again, using film this time. “Three years ago, I bought an analogue point-and-shoot which helped me document the end of my teenage years, as I started to become an adult.” Recording or creating memories, here is what motivates the young man. “Those photos are my memories and this Tumblr is my (not so) secret diary”, he concludes.

© Birnybe

Cover picture © Birnybe