Emotion inspires both our readers picks #255. Yolanda Y. Liou imagines real life scripts, and Charly Alfred trusts his instinct to capture magical moments.

Yolanda Y. Liou

“When I was 21, my mother gifted me a digital camera for my upcoming road trip in Europe. During my journey, I took a few photos and published them on Facebook. I then received informations request, asking about my fees. I understood this was a way to make a living. So I kept going. The medium gives me a joy and satisfaction unparalleled by anything else, I will never tire of it”, explains Yolanda Y. Liou, a Taiwanese and self-taught photographer. Today, at 29, she uses both digital and film to freeze time and experiment. She also produces portrait. “I used to write a lot before becoming a photographer, and I haven’t lost the habit to observe: every time I look around, I imagine real life scripts. I am simply fascinated by human beings”, she tells us.

© Yolanda Y. Liou

Charly Alfred

Charly Alfred, 22, is a student in Cultural mediation in Nantes, France. His passions? Music, travelling, and photography. “I would say my passion for the media was sparked by my grandfather, who would never go anywhere without his reflex. During our family walks, he would capture every moment. I took my first pictures when I was 11, I had bought a small compact camera to follow my skater friends, looking for the perfect spot”, he remembers. Whether he captures forms, colours or isolated zones, Charly doesn’t know how to explain what gets his attention. “In a split second, I know it, like an evidence. I don’t always try to reflect on nor explain my work. Something beastly, primitive happens inside of me. One glimpse is enough for an emotion to emerge. It is succinct, direct. Those elements I isolate, those moments I freeze call out to me as if they were asking for one thing: to be captured by the magic of photography”, he explains. “The reflection of my existence” is how Charly Alfred has named is Tumblr – his personal gallery, where he is not afraid of “revealing his art, lay himself bare, that is to say show his weaknesses, his strength, his nature”.

© Charly Alfred

Image d’ouverture © Yolanda Y. Liou