Anastasia Fedkina and Didier Barcelo both find their inspiration in nature. While the former captures a poetic light, the latter sets mysterious shadows. These are our readers picks #253.

Anastasia Fedkina

“It all started with a thunderstorm. I wanted to capture clouds and lightnings. But I did not have time… After that, I thought about how important it is not to miss the moments that attract your attention”, Anastasia Fedkina tells us. This 21-year-old photographer based in Moscow builds a delicate universe, gathering together bodies, landscapes and natural light. “It is important for me to reflect atmosphere and silence in my images. Therefore, I shoot mainly in the evening or early in the morning, at dawn”, she says. Inspired by nature, cinema and ethnic music, she likes to get lost in the countryside and feel the vibrations of her environment. A strong link she portrays in her work. “In the Dark Orange Sunset project, for example, I wanted to reflect a color that was similar to sunset’s. For Times to sleep, I waited a few days for fog to appear with eveningfall. The magical atmosphere fascinated me”, she recalls. A poetic work, with vegetal notes.

© Anastasia Fedkina

Didier Barcelo

Filmmaker, author, producer and photographer, Didier Barcelo is an inspired creator. Though he has been practicing photography for many years, he never wished for it to become his main job. “I thus avoid the expectations and frustrations that come with the job”, he tells us. “I capture what is insignificant. I like simple things, natural things. I feel many emotions when gazing at empty and deserted spaces”, the photographer explains. A sensation he captures in Black Campagne. Through his dark images, ordinary landscapes turn mysterious, thrilling. “I was working on the loss of landmark, Didier Barcelo explains. I must hav driven by those places hundreds of times, and I knew that I would capture them one day. And then, one morning, I drove my rental car there. It was early, very early. The sun was just rising and one could only see a thick and persistent mist hiding the landscape.” In a universe dominated by shadows, he sublimates a nature turned into an imaginary kingdom.

© Didier Barcelo