Ryan Peterson and Mykolas Juodele have one thing in common: they both capture their travels and their daily environments. These are our readers picks #251.

Ryan Peterson

“I have always liked the contrast between shadow and light, the fore and the background. These are details that motivate me to capture a moment”, Ryan Peterson says. This 29-year-old American photographer has lived in France for the last four years. After experimenting with digital photography, the artist discovered analogue, when he was travelling in Germany. An artistic epiphany. “The light, the grain, the colours… Everything that was missing was right there! I’ve only been photographing with an old Nikon ever since”, he adds. A Parisian street hit by sunlight, a party, a breathtaking landscape, a mysterious gaze… Whether he documents his journeys or his daily environment, Ryan Peterson seeks emotion. A fleeting feeling, he delicately freezes in time. “My grand-mother used to tell me that I was perceptive, that I looked at the world differently. I only wish it shows in my practice of the medium”, he tells us.

© Ryan Peterson

Mykolas Juodele

Born in Lithuania, Mykolas Juodele has been travelling around the world for the past seven years, from India to Turkey to Georgia. His journeys, as well as his love for cinema pushed him to buy a camera and document his route. “In the beginning I was only taking travel snapshots, but as I grew more observant and analytical of the world around me my photography developed as well”, the artist recalls. Since then, he has dove into photo report, although he continues to capture the streets. “My approach is intuitive and spontaneous. I chase fleeting moments in time. I play with the surroundings. I try not to overthink, but to use my instincts instead”, he tells us. His black and white pictures illustrate his trips to Iran, Portugal or Sudan, from 2013 to 2017. An exotic visual notebook. “Monochromes perhaps better reflect my true self. They trigger nostalgia and they don’t carry a mark of time. With the absence of colour I believe there is more space for one’s mind to wander, the images are more mysterious and surreal”, he adds. A beautiful way to capture one’s adventures.

© Mykolas Juodele