Yvan Camboulives and Fabrice Savel have one thing in common: journalism. They also are our two readers’ picks of the week.

Yvan Camboulives

Yvan Camboulives, a photographer based in Marseille, moved to the south of France ten years ago, to enroll in a master’s degree in journalism. “I’ve developed my practice through this job, and I started focusing more and more on image, rather than writing”, he explains. Keen observer, the artist likes to distance himself from his subjects, favouring a large frame. In Énergies Vagabondes (Vagabond Energy, ed.), he worked on a territory stretching from the Berre pond to Fos-sur-Mer. “During my business trips, I would often drive through this peculiar place. Strange and fascinating for some, murky to others, but always lively”, he tells us. A dynamic, yet polluted region. “In 2017, the independent study report Fos EPSEAL on health and environment was published, and warned against the impact of industrial pollution on the inhabitants. Since last year, several other scientific studies have confirmed this analysis” he adds. Without taking sides, the photographer bore witness to the residents’ everyday life, between lightness and danger, hard work and leisure.

© Yvan Camboulives

Fabrice Savel

Former press journalist, Fabrice Savel now works for digital media. He started taking photographs in 2014, at a time where he felt the need to capture and share everyday scenes that would touch him – the “grace of the ordinary”, as he says. “Photography is a media that can extract moments of humanity from the tumult and frenzy of our era, without using any words, he tells us. I come from a family of political activists – both men and women. From one generation to the next, commitment has always been part of our daily life. Today, I feel I may have given birth to a family of photographer.” And yet no active campaign can be found on his Tumblr, only a space where images intertwine and carry emotion, “far from discourses and demonstration”.

© Fabrice Savel