Stéphanie Davilma captures motherhood, while Balázs Csizik studies the links between photography and Russian constructivism. Here are our readers picks of the week.

Stéphanie Davilma

“ They are all unique. Amongst the ones I met, some have always wanted to become a mother, and some even had to fight with their own body, or against preconceptions to achieve it. Others did not want to, and only time, or a sickness would change their minds. For one of them, her stance had not changed, but it just happened so she decided to accept it. In some cases, they share this parenthood with someone, whether it is the dad or not, sometimes they are alone in this and in some instances, it is more complicated than that.” With her series Bisou Maman (Kiss Mummy, ed.), Stéphanie Davilma documents motherhood with tenderness. An intimate report that attempts to break the stereotypes.

© Stéphanie Davilma

Balázs Csizik

“In my work, I am interested in the links between urban and natural elements. I also explore the connections between different mediums, especially between photography and other more traditional disciplines, such as painting or graphic design”, explains Hungarian photographer Balázs Csizik. He conceived Urban relations as a junction between Russian constructivism and minimal photography. “Resemblances can be found in both fields. If we focus on the geometrical forms like Kandinsky, we can find similar elements in both approaches”, he says. To produce his series Urban relations, he designed plywood objects and operated on textiles. A way to study the intervention of Man on his surroundings and his relation with matter.

© Balázs Csizik

Cover picture © Balázs Csizik