Our two readers picks of the week? André Moreau and Lionel Macor. Two artists that practice spontaneous photography.

André Moreau

André Moreau aka Dre, a 21-year-old Canadian artist, labels himself as a creator. “I have been taking pictures since I was little. I probably have hidden films in my room from back when I was 8 or 9 years old. Photography allows me to share my point of view on what I see. A vision that is personal and unique to me”, he explains. The artist develops a structured and creative photographic approach. “I like having the opportunity to freestyle with the media”, he adds. Although André Moreau likes to develop concepts — especially from subconscious influences, he is also capable of “going with the flow” and being flexible. Here is a photographer that likes to play with frames.

© André Moreau

Lionel Macor

Lionel Macor, 33, is a self-taught photographer and the cofounder of the gallery Mayday Mayday Mayday. He was first introduced to the medium through his mother. “Before her wedding, she used to develop her negatives in a lab and work on her own series”, he tells us. As a teenager, he immersed himself in the medium universe, which he describes as “a world in and of itself, with its own temporality, its own codes”. Devoted to film photography, the author lets himself be guided by spontaneity. “I like to be in touch and shoot fast, not to linger, and capture with precision, he specifies. Taken with a flash, his images seem to stop the raw, free action. An aesthetic that can be found in Quartier Libre, a black and white series dedicated to the young Parisian generation’s parties. “The night world reinvents itself, creates its own codes and investigates new places, Lionel Macor says. My approach intends to be intimate. With those fragmented moments, I try to make people want to see, instead of just showing them.” 

© Lionel Macor

Cover picture © Lionel Macor