Angela Blumen produces tender portraits and Angelo Bonetti takes us to Israel. Two photographers who cultivate spontaneity and authenticity. These are our readers picks of the week.

Angela Blumen

“Natural light and people who are comfortable in front of a camera”. To Angela Blumen, a photographer and designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, one needn’t anything more to make a good image. Calm and serious, the young woman loves to explore and create. When she does not photograph, she works on projects with independent photography magazines. Lately, she has been focusing on film rather than digital. “I take fewer pictures, and thus capture an atmosphere in a more authentic way”, she says. Whether she works on fashion commissions or personal projects, her portraits always evoke tenderness and carefreeness. A prolific artist to follow closely.

© Angela Blumen

Angelo Bonetti

“My approach is direct, sincere and raw. I develop a coherent narrative using no tricks – only my emotions. I am deeply inspired by artists such as Daido Moriyama and Antoine d’Agata, but I still seek new ways of expressions”, says Angelo Bonetti, a 42-year-old photographer based in Turin, Italy. He produced his last photo project in Israel, one year ago. “I wanted to go to a country where religion makes people’s life harder. Beyond the walls, the reality is something else entirely, and poverty and drugs are very much present. But no one seems to see it or say anything.” 

© Angelo Bonetti

Cover picture © Angelo Bonetti