Zuka Kotrikadze presents his minimal images, taken with a smartphone, and Jean-François Tinard takes us by the seaside. These are our readers picks #234.

Zuka Kotrikadze

Zuka, 20, studies economy at the Georgian University, in Tbilissi, and he photographs during his free time. “While I have been familiar with the artistic world since my childhood, I discovered photography only 3 years ago”. He specializes in minimal photography, taken with his smartphone. “Emotions are hidden in minimalism”, he tells us. A colourful and geometric discovery.

© Zuka Kotrikadze

Jean-Francois Tinard

“I started photography at the age of 26, when I moved to Paris. I was so happy to arrive in a city as impersonal as Paris. Photography is a terrific pretext to go everywhere, to see everything and – above all – to communicate with everyone”, Jean-François Tinard tells us. At 35, the self-taught photographer was “born on the Côte d’Azur, in Nice. I had to privilege to grow up near the sea, the sun and the blue sky”, he says. In his series called L’été sans fin (Endless summer, ed.), Jean-François Tinard documents the almost loving relation between man and the sea. “The beach reminds us of images filled with nice sensations. I wanted to show the sea as a multiple space – a playground, a space to share memories, and a place of contemplation, where noise and silence coexist”, he adds.

© Jean-François Tinard