Thomas Davtin immerses himself into the magic of film, and Denis Golovey captures the insouciance and exuberance of youth. These are our readers picks #232.

Thomas Davtin

Thomas Davtin started photography at the age of 7, when his father gifted him his first camera. Although he dabbled in music, tattoo, drawing and even video, he never gave up on photography. “I then discovered the fashion world, the eccentricity of its creators, and its passion for image making: it all clicked”, he explains. Fascinated by film photography, Thomas Davtin likes to build well thought out series. “Everything has to be aligned, coordinated… This is the magic of film: you must be patient and confident. My framing, the setting and the model must fuse together”, adds the artist, who composes instinctively. “This is an exchange between my subject and I, that lasts a fraction of a second. While I produce few photos during a photoshoot, I pay attention to my environment. And once the picture emerges, I shoot”, he says.

© Thomas Davtin

Denis Golovey

“Photography has gradually arisen, in my life”, Denis Golovey tells us. This photographer based in Minsk, Belarus, started photography when he was 12. Most of the images posted on his Tumblr come from a project called L’âge atomique (The atomic age, ed.), a work he started 5 years ago. “I wanted to document the changes that have occurred in my life and my subjects’. I started to shoot, at parties, and wonder about myself”, he adds. Why are young people fleeing from political and social reality? “At raves, the youth seek to reach a space of total freedom, he says. Through this project, I try to highlight the existence of a border between the insouciance and exuberance of youth”.

© Denis Golovey

Cover picture © Denis Golovey