Guillaume Tomasi shares his vision of the world, and Agathe Lippa presents her fascination with windows. These are our two readers picks of the week.

Agathe Lippa

“He who looks outside through an open window never sees as much as one who looks at a closed window […] What we can see in the sun’s light is always less interesting that what happens behind a window. In this black or luminous hole, life lives, life dreams, life suffers.” In his Petits poèmes en prose, Charles Baudelaire wrote about his fascination for windows. An obsession that he and Agathe Lippa share. “Like all dreamers, I am attracted to the outside, and I am in love with my freedom. As time went by, I found an obvious photographic interest. The window, like the glass, enables me to place things on top of each other, to confront frames, and to question our gaze”, the Paris-based photographer tells us. The window is, to her, the most interesting frame. “It links the intimate and the public, the self and the world. The light shines through it, and the gaze escapes from it”, she adds. As a land of fantasies, where anything is possible, the symbol of the American Dream, she thought New York was the right place to capture this fascinating object.

© Agathe Lippa

Guillaume Tomasi

In 2016, French-Canadian photographer Guillaume Tomasi left the IT world to dedicate himself to photography. “I went back to school at 32. I discovered film photography during my bachelor in applied arts, at the University of Concordia, Montreal. I was seduced by the slow process, leaving a lot to surprises and imperfections, the artist explains. Each day is a pretext to produce photos, and I share on my Tumblr the results of my roaming. I only realised recently that most of my projects dealt with the notion of memory”. Through his series Chrysalises, he started a reflection on our perception of the world. “This work was born thanks to my first child. When he was 2, he got a high fever. “Where did the butterflies go?” he asked, in his sleep. So, I projected: how will he react, when he realises that the world is different from the image I created?”

© Guillaume Tomasi

Cover picture © Agathe Lippa