Sonia Perdeck gives form to her thoughts, and Illaria de Lorenzi questions the links between memory and the present. These are our readers picks of the week.

Sonia Perdeck

Sonia Perdeck, 20, studies photography at the Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague, Netherlands. “Before that, I photographed to describe the world. Nowadays, I tend to focus on my thoughts”, says the young woman, who shoots in film and digital. “I started photography when I was 17, and I have been bringing a camera with me everywhere ever since. I capture everything that fascinates me: essentially light, architecture and nature.”

© Sonia Perdeck

Ilaria De Lorenzi

Ilaria describes Words as a photographic and multimedia project. This work is a pretext to address the links between memory and the present, nostalgia and the fear of an uncertain future. “I focus on the spiritual aspects of our everyday life. I love to collect objects. We tend to forget many things throughout our life. Do you remember what you used to think of when you were 6? Or 15? All I know, is that my collections help me cherish those moments and keep them close to me”, explains the photographer, fascinated by the world surrounding her. “I am especially inspired by nature, science, philosophy and human psychology. I’ve always loved reading and writing”, she adds. Each verse, written on the images, symbolises something Ilaria felt and/or could not share with anyone.

© Ilaria De Lorenzi