This week, Davide Padovan welcomes us into his everyday life, and Alexander Fruehmann immerses us into the depths of his unconscious. Discover our readers’ picks #223.

Davide Padovan

“I use photography as an excuse to find myself in situations in which I should not be”, Davide Padovan tells us. The Italian photographer has practiced photography since his high school years. “I used pictures to produce several drawings and paintings, and I eventually realised that I was not good with traditional arts. So I turned to photography”. Nowadays, Davide Padovan has tried to get out of his comfort zone, and to overcome his shyness. Everyday scenes and nudes follow one another, to form a bizarre all. “I would rather communicate doubts and feelings than explanations”, he concludes.

© Davide Padovan

Alexander Fruehmann

“Some would qualify my last creations as somewhat surreal, other as conceptual. I am actually trying not to limit myself to only one genre. I don’t do photojournalism or documentary photography. Nor do I take street photos. What I like is to open an imaginary space, and to create an environment of mentalisation, to tell stories”, Alexander Fruehman, the author of Unconscious Realities, explains. He has captured a blurry, disconnected world, where reality is hardly perceptible… “This series was strongly influenced by my studies at the INSEAD in France, where psychoanalytic concepts and the study of the self were more and more important these past months. With Unconscious Realities, I try to paint images of shadowy worlds, which could be filled with beauty if we’d let them resurface”, he tells us.

© Alexander Fruehmann

Image d’ouverture © Davide Padovan