This week, two photographers share their wanders: Jean-Luc Feixa, and Igor Males. These are our readers’ picks #222.

Jean-Luc Feixa

For three weeks, Jean-Luc Feixa travelled across China, from Beijing to Shanghai. “Hexie Hao, ie “harmony”, is the imaginary narration of a journey in China, crossed at the mad rhythm of eponymous trains. Through the window, as I was dreaming for hours on end, I saw miles of country side, speckled with inhabited blocks”, Jean-Luc Feixa tells us. Whether he photographs metropoles or landscapes, he always manages to capture the raw and contrasted beauty of the Middle Kingdom. His pictures will be exhibited at the Galerie du cercle des voyageurs (Travellers society gallery, ed.) in Brussels, from February 3rd to March 30th, 2019.


© Jean-Luc Feixa

Igor Males

Igor Males has been working as a film technician for about 15 years. He shot his first pictures in 2004. “I was trying to justify my roamings, but also to express them. It could have been through drawings, but the 35 mm was an evidence”, he remembers. Un peu plus à l’est (A little more East, ed.) is a project he produced as he travelled. He left the Balkans to journey to Anatolia. “When I was a child, I would go, every summer, to my parents’ birth village, in ex-Yugoslavia, just at the borders of Croatia and Bosnia. The region was a crossroads of people, religions and the past, there, is often associated with painful historical times”, he tells us.

© Igor Males

Header image © Jean-Luc Feixa