Aldebarán Solares explores the limits of memory and Yohan Terraza tries to appropriate the mountain. These are our weekly readers’ picks.

Yohan Terraza

“Mount was born from the idea that I had to appropriate the mountain, to tell its story from the inside but only from my point of view. I have spent years seeking the landscape, years realising that my point of vue had changed, that I perceived the mountain as a refuge, darker than ever and, always more fascinating,”  Yohan Terraza says. He does not try to rethink mountain photography, but rather its history: “the climbs, the expectations, the plenitude, the fires, the nights. Life up there”. The photographer brings us his images of the Pyrenees but also of the Alps and Norway.

© Yohan Terraza

Aldebarán Solares 

Winner of the 2018 edition of GESTE Paris, Aldebarán Solares examines the limits of memory in his photographs. His series Umbral ( threshold in english, ed.) evokes the boundary between memories and oblivion. Images, often modulated or invented, condition our vision and our history. The Mexican photographer, intrigued by the process of (de)constructing an image, does not hesitate to mark his shots with a black hole, in order to reveal the fragility of our thoughts and of the photograph itself.

© Aldebarán Solares