This week, we picked two readers fascinated by urban spaces. Jean-Pierre Attal shares his alveole, windows to the working world, while Stéphanie Davilma documents Toulon’s sleepy beaches. These are our two weekly readers picks.

Jean-Pierre Attal 

“In winter, from December 1st to January 10th, the sun set before workers leave their officies”. This strange energy caught the attention of photographer and urban social archeologist Jean-Pierre Attal. “I explore the tertiary ecosystem”, the author of the series Alvéoles explains. Office’s furniture, interior designs and dress codes, his work is neutral, objective, and invite the audience to think outside the box. How can we know we are in a “good place”? Should we live for our work, or work to live? Are standards always boring? One thing we do know is, in those buildings, productivity means more than singularity, and they form a well-oiled machine.

© Jean-Pierre Attal

Stéphanie Davilma

“Each city must have refuges, places people seek to escape without running away”. The refuges Stéphanie Davilma chose are city beaches of Toulon, in winter. “In winter, time stands still and I can see the crumbs of a summer left aside. Yet, life is good here. Different from the crowded summer, of course, but a few people do come here to turn their backs on the city, gazing at summer days’ nostalgia. Before the sun sets, people from all ages and all places cross paths and even mingle, sometimes. In this winter refuge, where nature meets urban spaces, a social samples face me. They play, they forget about the cold, they get tanned, they read, they flirt, they take selfies, they eat, they brag,they run, they live”.

© Stéphanie Davilma