Delphine Maury takes us into her intimate refuge while Olga Sondyk delivers a new vision of the French capital, far away from the all too familiar clichés. These are our weekly readers picks.

Olga Sondyk

The Beauté de l’ordinaire (Beauty of the ordinary, ed.) appeared when she observed Paris and its surroundings. Olga Sondyk chose to photograph the capital of love through those invisible details. A broken chair, a road under construction… The Russian photographer immortalises Paris through objects moving, changing over time. As she redefines what is beautiful, she also questions the passing of time. Her sociological interests can be read on those images as well : what are the French cultural symbols?

© Olga Sondyk

 Delphine Maury

Her series déborde moi (overflow me, ed.) immerses us deep into « an intimacy secretly revealed ». In her pictures, the photographer isolates herself in a humid refuge, bathing in a troubling pleasure. Facing us, « those waves that expose, that hurt, trying to reflect on this raining body ». Are those images from a liquid sleep or a desire to start anew? According to the photographer, the experience is close to Robinson’s, as told by Michel Tournier. « Tormented by a personal anguish, a loss of meaning in life, Robinson ventures into a hole in the rocks, into a cave, meant to receive a complex thing, none other than his own body, his own territory ».

© Delphine Maury