This week, two of our readers have caught our attention : Ryosuke Takamura and Vadim Zhavoronkov. The first one documents the Japanese city Fukui, while the second one immortalises the singularities of daily life. These are our two weekly readers picks.

Ryosuke Takamura

Ryosuke Takamura is a Japanese photographer, born in Fukui, a city located in the South-West of Japan. An idyllic city ‘surrounded by nature’. He fell in love with the place, and now wishes to ‘show the beautiful Fukui to the whole world’. His series Hidden respects his concept of photography: every picture is full of hidden thoughts and meanings.

© Ryosuke Takamura

Vadim Zhavoronkov

Vadim Zhavoronkov is obsessed by the present, and wants to immortalise it with his camera. If he likes entertaining his audience and giving them ‘good vibes’ with light-hearted pictures, he also creates more committed content. You’re all set gathers several pictures of tertiary sector employees. Who are those people making our lives brighter?

© Vadim Zhavoronkov