“I try to focus on people. I like to question my relation to feelings, places, objects, and our world”, Vincent Muller, 38, says. Staging men and women in their everyday life to cover a societal topic is the French photographer’s credo. When Covid-19 was first announced, Vincent Muller was surveying Argentinian roads – away from the touristic circuits. Nature as far as the eye can see, livestock roaming freely, farms and gauchos (Argentinian cowboys, ed.)… It reminded me of the Far West. I wanted to showcase, in this travel notebook, the Argentinian West, while drawing an authentic portrait of this country I was visiting for the first time”, the artist tells us. Vincent Muller had to cut his trip short after the announcement of travel restrictions due to the health crisis and could not finish his social – almost ethnographic – testimony. He delivers, with El Campo, a raw and soothing foretaste of a complex reality. A welcome incentive to keep dreaming and escaping.

© Vincent Muller