“My photographic approach? Obsession”, says Tristan Hollingsworth. Multiple exposures, naked bodies, soft focus, flowers and twilight intersect and intertwine in the works of the photographer from Los Angeles. A collection of images with a hauntingly dreamlike quality. “I do enjoy the feeling of standing between two realities. To be just outside of what resembles normalcy. Our cultures are diving more and more into a sea of fear, of consumerism, and I use art to take myself off that programming. Feelings are key elements of my work – breathing and feeling”, explains the artist. Sometimes romantic, sometimes graphic, his creations evoke familiar worlds, where intimacy, sensuality and freedom take over our fears. Like a graceful waltz, the artist’s favourite subjects keep reappearing and become a comforting, captivating presence. “The delicate, soft, sometimes melancholic living Earth, is my favourite subject,” he concludes.









© Tristan Hollingsworth / Represented by La Galerie Rouge