“Today we are facing a threat to nature and the stable cycle presupposed in ancient philosophy. Many of us have lost all connection with the natural world and live in fear of its inevitable collapse. When we travel, consume, or heat, we leave behind an ever-lasting carbon footprint – a reflection of the state of the Earth. We are responsible for the destruction of our environment, but can we change our attitude towards nature without restoring our relationship with it? It is therefore necessary to rediscover the totality of all things, as they can be interpreted as entities of our senses”, says Wiktoria Wojciechowska.

In 2019, the Polish photographer began a research project combining installation, photography and performance. With The Study of Traces she has a clear leitmotiv: to create imprints of natural elements on bodies. Ephemeral sculptures on the skin, nature’s constructions. “Branches, leaves or grass symbolise an entanglement with the environment”, she tells us. The two organic materials – skin and plants – thus form the basis of her thought process and mutually influence each other.




© Wiktoria Wojciechowska