Based in England, photographer and painter Steph Wilson has set up her studio in an old church, filled with more than 600 plants. Fascinated by nature and animals, the artist uses them as inspiration for her images. Though she suffers from an anxiety disorder, Steph Wilson, turned to photography to learn how to control her emotions. “Photography gave me a timeline to follow, and reachable goals to enable the tackling of it”, she tells us. Specialising in commercial photography, the artist likes to hide symbols in her creations. Her favourite themes? “Sex, women, anger and naughtiness”, she says. “I am aware that fashion photography is potentially quite an evil tool, and I use it as an excuse to make fun of it. My symbolic references point towards it, and other issues in society that need changing.” Strongly influenced by her practice of painting, Steph Wilson produces unique pictures, blending together sublime, violence and absurdity.


© Steph Wilson