First a design student, Barcelonese artist Salva Lopéz turned to photography around ten years ago. “All my pictures tend to be minimalist, and I like to think that this is something I got from graphic design”, the photographer tells us. Inspired by mankind and its ability to create and destroy its environment, Salva Lopéz is attracted to melancholic places. Although lights and colours enhance the beauty of the spaces she captures, the author wishes to represent the ambiguity of modern constructions. “I’m a pessimistic person, she says. I have mixed feelings towards modern architecture, I think it has a strong power of photogenic, but at the same time I strongly believe that it has destroyed most of the cities we know.” Beautiful and hypnotic, the photographer’s creations present places simultaneously seducing and toxic. An aesthetics she sets up with precision. “I’m always waiting for the best time to take a picture. Some places need a midday light, but others require a cloudy day or a sunset. I like to wait, to get the magical light.” A beautiful journey into a captivating environment.

© Salva Lopéz