“I have taken many pictures in Palm Springs. My wife and try to go there once a month – it is kind of like a second home. The beach without the sand, summer time 95% of the year… It is hard to find the charm of Palm Springs in Los Angeles, where I live”, says Roo Raggio, a photographer, designer and web developer. He proposes, through his images, a definition of summer – a risky exercise for a man who never relaxes. “My wife is a great source of inspiration. She taught me to let go during our vacation. Capturing these moments, I feel like I live them more and more.” Saturated, graphic, his images are also perfectly aligned. A magical and celestial alignment of light, and time – as seen on his favourite picture: his wife lying in the water. “I like the way her arms are deformed. It is like she is melting in water. To me, it sums up the desire and evasion we all dream of when we think about summer vacation”, the artist tells us.

© Roo Raggio