We already knew Roger Bucher‘s urban pictures. Now, he takes us somewhere else, in Malarce-sur-la-Thines, a small village of 240 inhabitants, in the Ardèche region, France. “My father and step-mother introduced me to the region 20 years ago. They both fell in love with it, and so they bought an old, dilapidated house in a village and rebuilt it. This is a place which liberates and fascinates me. There, nature is vast and intact”. From the sweet and dark images emanates a special, somewhat surreal energy. “I am captivated by the strength and deafening sound of the river. I am absorbed by the dense and dark forest. This place has the power to embrace and devour at the same time – it is both frightening and soothing.” With Lahondès, Roger Bucher immerse us into a beautiful and unsettling nature, where time seems suspended.

© Roger Bucher