“The human eye detects more nuances of green than any other colour”, Piero Percoco says. And colours are very much present in the Italian photographer’s creations. A close-up on a spaghetti plate, or a vitamin-packed pomegranate sitting on a broken window pane, the pigmented scenes all bring something different to the table. “I often get lost in thoughts. I sometimes feel like I’m floating on other planets”, the artist tells us. Self-taught, Piero Percoco produces images with his smartphone. Absurdity and daily coincidences fill his unique and bright universe. “Like my personality, my approach of the medium is incredibly impulsive. I could compare myself to an animal… I have no limit!”, he explains. Like Stephen Shore, Michael Northrup and Guy Bolongaro, Piero Percoco reenchants the mundane. “Rainbows are underestimated”, he states on his Instagram.


© Piero Percoco