At the top of Mount Fuji, I sat down and, at sunrise, I contemplate Japan stretching out in front of me. This contrasting and silent country, all those shapes I had dreamed of. It was my first time there, and already, under these thick clouds, my fantasies slowly dissipated. Soon there would be nothing left but these images, these meaningless forms, like markers of those Japanese moments.” Nyima Marin, 30, travelled to Japan in August 2015 for one month. He discovered a country of contrasts: “Nature is as untouched as the cities are populated, the sea is next to the mountains, people are extremely reserved and totally extroverted. From a visual standpoint, black often contrasts with white, such as ideograms on the asphalt, school uniforms, taxis on pedestrian crosswalks, office suits and ravens on the cloudy sky.

© Nyima Marin