When he was 25, Max Miechowski quit his job as a music teacher to travel to South-East Asia. Before he left, he bought a camera, hoping to bring back some memories of his journey. “There, fell in love with taking pictures and how it allowed me look at the world around me with a little more focus and interest”, he tells us. Back in England, he enrolled on a Bachelor course, at Leeds College of Art and devoured books and podcast on photography. As a dreamer, the artist now captures his own environment, his daily life. Bathed in warm light, his pictures reveal the beauty and diversity of London and its surroundings. “By placing equal emphasis on portraiture, details and landscapes, my work ultimately emphasises the reciprocal relationship between the individual, the local community and their unique culture, he adds. Light and summery, Max Miechowski’s work is to be relished like a fresh breeze on a scorching day.












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