“Reproducing a sensation, a visual impression, capturing feelings that are difficult to describe with words… I seek out things that can only be perceived through images”, Italian photographer Maria Maglionico explains. Her purpose? To express feelings that go beyond the framework of language. Discovering the profound complexity arising from the photographic act, the artist sets out to reveal the ineffable. In the romantic landscapes of her childhood in Puglia – in south-east Italy – Maria Maglionico becomes the protagonist of her dreamlike story. Tinted in flamboyant orange and melancholic blue, she takes a series of self-portraits in front of the sunset and unveils the facets of her personality. “Photography has taught me to embrace my body and soul in the most honest, but sometimes cruel way. Self-portraits are, for me, a kind of act of love“, she confides. In a burst of self-tenderness and total dedication to the medium, Maria Maglionico floods us with memories of her youth. A gentle dive into her world.

© Maria Maglionico