“I would say that I like depth, strength, emotion and intensity – at least that’s what moves me. So that’s certainly what I’m trying to capture in my portraits,” says Lou Escobar. It was in the United States, more than four years ago, that the photographer and director took the plunge and decided to turn photography into her profession. “I was waiting for a VISA to stay, and I always had a camera in my hand. I was fascinated by what I saw, but especially by people,” she recalls. Defining her own practice as “realistic, colourful, with a touch of the unexpected”, the artist imagines pop and bright compositions, where sparkling glitter illuminates the settings of another era. A clever mix of kitsch and beauty. In this timeless world, her models captivate. Unable to take their eyes off the subject, the viewer can only lose themself in admiring the unique beauty that Lou Escobar likes to reveal in every situation, and every individual.





© Lou Escobar